Yoga Alliance RYT200 Teacher Training

Course Curriculum

• Yoga Philosophy
• Meditation
• Asana Technique
• Anatomy and Physiology
• Sport Specific Yoga
• Yoga for Special Conditions
• The Business and Ethics of Yoga
• Our 200 Hour program meets all Yoga Alliance requirements for a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200)


Our mindfulness focused yoga teacher training program is designed to build a strong foundation in all aspects of the basics of yoga from the physical, to the mental and spiritual. As in our studio classes, we will share our knowledge with you in a safe, supportive environment. It is our intention to encourage your unique and personal journey in yoga. Whether you are a seeking a greater depth of knowledge for personal growth or interested in becoming a yoga professional, we invite you to come and grow with us. Feel free to contact us with any questions or special circumstances you may have.


Mindful Motion Yoga 200hr Teacher Training is Registered with Yoga Alliance


RYS 200 at Mindful Motion Yoga

Additional Benefits

In addition to the actual training, other benefits included training are:

Unlimited Yoga at MMY During Training

15% Lifetime Discount on Classes at MMY

20% Lifetime Discount on Merchandise

Message from Terri

I am so proud of our graduates of Mindful Motion Yoga Teacher Training Program. I am sure you will agree that we had some great teachers come out of our training.  All of our teachers at Mindful Motion Yoga are graduates of this training.


Many of our trainees come to us in order to become certified to teach yoga, and an equal number come to  the training for personal growth.  If you are considering this training, I encourage you to come in and practice with us.  Take classes from me to get a feel for my philosophy and approach to yoga.  We will be spending a great deal of time together as it is my intention to personally guide you through this process.  My approach to this beautiful practice is simple and compassionate.  My life philosophy is deeply rooted in mindfulness, in being present for each experience as it arrives.


I respectfully ask that you consider the training schedule and plan to attend each session.  In the past I offered a flexible schedule for students to make up material if conflicts arose.  I found that those who were present for the group experience benefitted so much more than those making up sessions one on one.  Having said that, should you have an emergency, scheduled or unavoidable event, we can arrange for make-up sessions for an additional fee.


Whether you are considering teacher training to advance your own personal practice or would like to become a certified yoga teacher, you will find additional information at the links above.


Please feel free to set up a time to come in, see the studio and talk with me face to face if you have any unanswered questions about our training and our graduates.





Personal approach: I often refer to our yoga as relationship yoga.  I, Terri, lead and participate in the complete training.  We have numerous guest presenters offering their enhanced knowledge throughout the training.  However, I am present for all training sessions and presentations.  If you practice with us, you are aware that I am often in the studio, even when not teaching.  I manage my commitments so that I am available to communicate in person or otherwise as needed.


Eclectic Style: MMY does not endorse any one style of yoga over another. We teach "non-denominational", mindful, hatha yoga. In our style, we embrace all styles of yoga, seeing value in the diversity. We work with aspiring teachers to find their own style, to help them reach their full potential within a single style, or to blend multiple styles into their own yoga. We encourage self expression so that teachers learn to give of themselves rather than just reciting what someone else told them.


Peer Support: We encourage students to maintain contact with MMY as well as form friendships in the program and to learn to listen to each other, share ideas, and support each other throughout the teacher training program and long after the intensive is over.


Setting: Our comfortable studio has ample space and a spa-like environment.


Diversity: The MMY Program welcomes people of every faith tradition, race, body type, ethnicity, gender, physical ability or disability, yogic style, and more. In a nonjudgmental, diversified environment, we gain new insight and understanding. Everyone is welcome!


Practice Teaching: Teachers learn to teach yoga by teaching yoga! We create a very safe and respectful environment where students get to teach to their peers allowing you an opportunity to teach in an accepting, compassionate, environment, and receive loving, gentle, insightful feedback.


What if I don't wish to teach?

Students may attend the MMY Program for a variety of reasons: to obtain certification as a yoga teacher, to deepen their personal practice, to get a refresher on skills and knowledge, or to immerse themselves in a yogic environment.


I'm not very overweight... etc....Is this teacher training for me?

Yoga is not about being flexible, young or thin. Yoga is beneficial to students of all are ages and sizes with varying degrees of flexibility. You do not have to be flexible, nor do you have to be a lifelong 'yogi' to teach! What is important is having the desire to help others learn to love yoga, heal themselves, and take their lives to new places through the practice of yoga. It is also important that you have the passion to want to continue studying, learning, and growing both personally and as a yoga teacher.


What type of yoga is taught in the Mindful Motion Yoga program?
The MMY Program has a strong alignment focus and is eclectic in the sense that we draw freely from various yoga traditions when teaching asana. We also do not try to make every graduate teach asana in the exact same way. As long as they are teaching safely, we give our students freedom to find their own style. Our focus is to help our teachers to decide who and what and where they want to teach, and then to take the next step towards that vision. Once we know where they want to take their teaching, then we can help them develop their own 'voice'.


I want to teach a vigorous athletic yoga class; will your program teach me how to do that?
The Mindful Motion Yoga Program will give you the skills 'from the ground up' so you can teach a safe, conscientious, well organized/instructed yoga class where the students feel cared about and safe. The skills you learn in our program can be transferred to any style of yoga--rigorous, very gentle, or somewhere in between - as well as other learning environments (personal training, business, home life, schools, etc.)


What if I cannot pay off the entire tuition all at once? Do you have a payment plan?
Friendly payment plans available. All payment forms accepted.

Registration and Costs

Total Cost: $2395 
Early bird Pricing: $2195 if paid in full by Dec. 30, 2018



200 Hour Training
Free Unlimited Yoga at MMY during training
Ongoing support through Mindful Motion Yoga


Tuition $2395.

$250 Reserves your space in the training (includes a $30 admin fee).

Friendly payment plans available. 

All Payment forms accepted.

Request Registration packet -


 2019 Yoga Teacher Training Required Textbooks

1.  The Heart of Yoga: Developing a Personal Practice, T.K.V. Desikachar

2.  The Yamas and Niyamas, Deborah Adele

3. Yoga Toolbox for Teachers and Students, 3rd Edition 2015
by Joseph and Lilian Le Page

4.  Functional Anatomy of Yoga, A Guide for Practioners and Teachers, David Keil

Former Student Testimonials

"Prior to starting yoga teacher training, I was absolutely terrified about doing the program. The thought of performing asanas and instructing fellow students through yoga poses in front of a group left me shaking in my yoga pants. However, I quickly discovered that the MMY Teacher Training Program was a safe place to learn, grow and even make mistakes. Terri and the other students created a nurturing, non-judgmental, kind and fun environment that eased my nerves and made for a joyful experience."

-Lindsay A.


"I'd like to think before MMY teacher training, I "did" yoga... Went through the postures, felt the positive effects, and enjoyed yoga immensely. Now, from everything I have learned from Terri in regards to mindfulness, yoga philosophy, anatomical reasons for asana, and the importance of a meditative mindset during yoga, I "practice" yoga. The training at MMY opened a whole new path for me, and I cannot express enough how glad I am that I chose MMY for the teacher training. The MMY community creates a space that fosters growth and development as a practitioner and yoga teacher, and is truly an exceptional place with great people. Terri makes the curriculum interesting and applicable to everyday life, and I looked forward to every weekend that we met. I have gained confidence in my knowledge and practice of yoga, on and off the mat, and could have not asked for a better experience!"

-Mary Claire H.


"Being somewhat new to yoga, I was unsure if an RYT200 class was for me. Wanting to strengthen my practice, I completed Terri's 2012 RYT200 Training. I discovered that Terri's teacher training at MMY was perfect for yogis of all experience levels and goals.  A year later, I enjoy teaching Restorative yoga at MMY and continue to grow my practice in an encouraging, supportive environment. Completing this training opened up so many opportunities for me and strengthened my confidence as I share the amazing practice of yoga."

-Robin S.


"I went into TT with the goal of teaching yoga, since I just began staying at home with my son.  However, I ended up getting so much more out of training then just a piece of paper saying I am approved to teach.  Expanding on my philosophy understanding of yoga helped me to grow not only my yoga practice but also to grow in my life as a wife and mom.  Going through TT pregnant then gave me a better understand of prenatal yoga naturally which then lead to a desire to learn and help more pregnant yoginis.  It has been two years since graduating and my love for yoga has only grown more since that time.  I am grateful to Terri and MMY for the opportunity to expand and grow in yoga and life."

-Jessica W.


"During the teacher training I learned how to engage my own personal practice and take it to a deeper level.  I was also fortunate enough to meet some amazing people and I got to share yoga, yoga and more yoga with them every month. A wonderful experience!"

-Karen C.


"I was most excited about taking my first steps towards exploring the world of yoga. Through guided studies and group discussions, I learned about the history of yoga, principles of yoga as recorded in Patanjali's Yoga Sutra, anatomy analyses by Paul Grilley and Leslie Kaminoff, and more. The Teacher Training program gave me the opportunity to understand what practicing yoga means beyond striking the poses."

-Molly H.


"I did not know what to expect with yoga teacher training. You will get out of it much more than you would expect and the more effort you put into it, the more you will get out of it. You will not only learn about the physical part (the asanas), but you will learn about the other limbs of yoga, which will help to deepen your practice. You might just even find yourself on a path of spiritual and/or mental healing or enlightenment."

-Maria M.


"Yoga is a process of growth, a life long study. I came into the training with 30+ years of experience, and still my personal practice and my teaching grew during the training. My yoga evolved, my knowledge increased. The bonds that were created with my classmates have developed into life long friendships. Teacher training at Mindful Motion Yoga has been a valuable part of my journey."

-Barbara B.


"I had considered becoming a yoga instructor for several years yet never took active steps to make it a reality. However, once I began practicing at MMY and met Terri I felt I had found a philosophy and environment for teacher training in which I could feel comfortable in the methods and approach to learning the foundations of yoga. The MMY teacher training was everything I expected and more. Not only did I learn from the diversified backgrounds of fellow students, but the guest instructors Terri brought in to discuss specific topics were a nice enhancement. The flexible nature of Terri's approach to teacher training was a key component to my overall satisfaction with the course, as well as her ability to provide constructive feedback without judgment. I would recommend MMY's teacher training to anyone who wants to learn in a supportive and professional environment."

-Susie D.


"The Universe has this way of sending just what I need. I had recently turned 40 when I signed up for teacher training. I did not realize that my training at MMY was preparing me for this transformational time in life. Going into training, I thought I was going to learn more about yoga and deepen my practice. I got that. Towards the end of training, I thought for sure I'd be teaching. I taught and loved it and will continue to teach. Today, training at MMY has set me on a path of unfolding my true Self.   If you're reading this and you are not sure it's something you should do, I strongly encourage you to join the training and see where the path takes you."
-Love and light, MCS


"I couldn’t resist adding this additional note from a contributor:...and it also saved my life, helped me lose my fat ass, has added interesting, caring friends to my life, slowed me down, and sped me up, made me smile more, etc., etc., etc."



RYS 200 and 300 at Mindful Motion Yoga

 We are approved as a Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA) school 



Yoga Alliance RYT500

Yoga Teacher Training
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A compassionate approach to the study and teaching of yoga.

Grow Your Personal Practice or Become a Yoga Instructor


RYT200 Training

Training Meets One Weekend Each Month January- September 2018.

Train to Teach or Advance Your Personal Practice


Yoga Alliance Registered,

RYT200 Yoga Teacher Training

$200 Discount when you pay in full prior to December 30, 2018

2019 Dates:

Two Training options in 2019. A weekend series and a weekday series. You choose which works best for your schedule.

Weekend Training Schedule:

Fridays 5:30-8:30
Saturdays 8-5
Sundays 7:30-3:30

January 18, 19, 20
February 8, 9, 10
March 1, 2, 3
March 29, 30, 31
April 5, 6, 7
April 26, 27, 28
May 24, 25, 26
Graduation, Sunday May 26

Weekday Training Schedule:

One Day Weekly, Tuesdays 8-3:30
January 22 through May 21
Graduation, Sunday May 26