A beautiful rainy day! Like much of the country, Jacksonville has experienced dry conditions and is in need of rain. In addition to the all that the rain provides to our vegetation and lakes (scenic retention ponds) the slightly cooler temperature and intermittent rain seems to consistently improve my mood. Interesting for a girl who lives in Florida and grew up in West Texas. There might be an answer as to why I feel lighter and happier in the cool rainy climate. I could go back and examine the details of my life, looking for attachments, or just enjoy the feeling.

Today, I will choose to just enjoy the feeling

Cheri Huber, is a Buddhist Monk whose writings have been meaningful to me (thank you Janice).

A very long time ago, I purchased a cassette recording (did I mention it was a long time ago?). The recording was titled "The Swiss Cheese Approach to Life). While I no longer remember the significance of the "Swiss Cheese", what stuck with me is her thoughts on competition and achievement. 

I am going from memory here so my apologies to Cheri if I re-state incorrectly. This is where my mind took it. Achievement means different things to different people - winning, earning, acquiring, being loved....bring to mind what achievement means to you.

When we achieve we feel good. Right? For most of us, tangible, quantifiable signs of achievement ( a trophy, bigger paycheck, newer, more expensive possessions), let us know that we are achieving and we feel good. It is particularly powerful when we stack up our achievements against our peers and come out in a perceivedfavorable way (more stuff). 

If we step away from that way of thinking, we realize that we make the decision to feel good based upon the achievements. What if....drum roll....we allowed ourselves to feel the same "good feeling" whether or not we had that trophy, paycheck, etc.

Think about that. 

In Cheri's recording there was a man who challenged the idea stating something to the effect of "But I didn't earn it"...."I don't deserve to have that feeling if I didn't win".

Part of me is right there with him. I mean what does winning mean if we don't get to feel better, more special? Right?

What would happen if everyone walked around feeling happy for no justifiable reason?

That mindset tells us that we have to earn our happiness. That some of us who aren't achieving in a quantifiable way, don't deserve the same level of happiness. 

In reality, we choose how we feel. 

Does that mean we don't work to better ourselves, even win? No. It means that you can feel just as good without the win as with the win. Either way, you are still you. Your spirit is still your spirit. Hopefully, doing the good work your spirit was intended to do.

Play, work, achieve and give yourself permission to feel good, happy, accomplished and important - regardless of the outcome.

Let me know what you think!