Loving Service

From time to time, I wake up  with a thought- something that I feel  I “must” say.  Sometimes with an understanding of where it is coming from.  Other times it is simply something that in my mind needs to find the printed form.


This is what came to me this morning>


There is no greater pain than witnessing the suffering of someone you love deeply.


There is no greater gift than having someone to love with such completeness that their pain is yours. 


In the midst of dealing with the pain of a loved one, due to illness or other reason, we may find ourselves teetering between regret of the past (and the often accompanying guilt) and the fear of what lies ahead. 


If you find yourself in the midst of this balancing act between past and future, I encourage you to bring yourself to the “right now”.


Smile, enjoy and roll around in this glorious, beautiful, present moment. Right now.  And now.   And now. 


Pause here.  Take a breath and consider how you are just fine in this one second, this one moment.  And in this moment.  And in this moment. Without the thoughts of the past, or the worries of the future, just this one beautiful moment. 


If you are caring for a loved one.   Hold the gift of the moment to love and nurture.  If you are being cared for, hold the gift of the moment to not just be loved, but to allow the gift of service to another.  Knowing that loving service is the most precious gift to be given and received.   The energy, the love is traveling both ways, from recipient to recipient.


It is my belief that the way to living a meaningful life is to live each moment with attention, as if it is the only one that matters.  In truth, it is.  When living this way, mindfully, our choices fall in line with our personal truth, our Satya. When we live  our precious moments with clarity and intention, loving, giving and receiving  with attention and appreciation, we will end up with a collection of beautiful  moments, without regret or fear.


Love generously.  Give generously.  Receive generously.