Last April I received the following e-mail from one of our Mindful Motion Yoga family:

I met two friends at Guana this morning at seven to do a shorebird survey. We had just entered the south park boundary when we found a Kemp's Ridley sea turtle on the beach. It was still alive but definitely in trouble. We took it back to the research station....... It was so amazing to be so close to such a creature.....they are the rarest and most endangered of our FL sea turtles.  

Because the tide was then too high to continue the shorebird survey, we hiked into Guana and looked at, what else, birds. What a day! 






Condron, a juvenile Kemp's Ridley sea turtle on the day of discovery


I love that this individual began her morning on her much loved hobby, birding, found and addressed another's need and then continued with her hobby.  

More about Condron's rescue:

The Guana Turtle Patrol retrieved her and she was subsequently transported to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center on Jekyll Island for rehab.

According to GSTC records, Condron arrived debilitated: anemic, thin, with lots of epibiota (barnacles and leeches) and algae on her shell along with some severe shell lacerations which took a long time to heal. She was also found to have a P.I.T. (Passive Integrated Transponder) tag which indicated she had been in rehab before. A

repeat offender! Then named Little Sunny, she was found in a gill net with hooks in her GI tract, was rehabilitated at the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Center on Topsail Island in NC, and was ultimately released there on June 1st, 2011.

Yesterday, personnel from the Georgia Sea Turtle Center brought Condron, along with another juvenile sea turtle which had been successfully rehabbed, to Mickler's Landing in Ponte Vedra Beach for release.
On Thursday, I received notice that Condron was being released into the ocean in Ponte Vedra the following day!
Do you recognize this guy? 

I was there for the release on Friday - It  was such a fun experience!
Condron - has been rehabilitated is  healthy and has been released into the ocean!   He was so excited! He was carried into the ocean and held above the water until in the appropriate depth.  As he was held above the water, he seemed to begin to swim in the air by rapidly waving his flippers.  His eagerness and enthusiasm was so beautiful and moving.

He was released into the ocean following the passing of a wave and the small crowd cheered as he quickly disappeared into the ocean.  :-)
I hope that you follow your passion and fully enjoy your life.  As each of us move about, following our unique paths, we will surely come upon opportunities to pause, serve others, then return to our path.