Real Yoga - Beyond the Asana

I am often asked questions about my personal yoga experience. How long have I been practicing and teaching yoga or why. At this point it seems like all my life.

We all have our own unique path and way of getting to the point where the yoga is no longer all about the workout (an awesome perk!) but is about helping to support a rich and truthful life experience. 

I have such a passion and belief, my absolute truth, that this practice can heal the body and spirit and assist in removing suffering on so many levels. 

Many years ago, in the prime of my love for the physical practice of yoga, while jogging I witnessed a tragic accident resulting in the death of an 18 month old child. My involvement went beyond witness as I administered CPR to this beautiful little girl and placed myself right in the middle of more grief and pain than I can possibly express.

As the following year unfolded, I became increasingly introverted. I spent time with my family and went to yoga. I actually just "showed up" for yoga. That is when it all began to unfold. No expectations, no goals, just there in the moment seeking a space to just "be".

Day after day. Always yoga. The class, the teacher, didn't matter. It was me on my mat and nothing else. As long as there was quiet space, I was okay. Over time, the real thing happened. Real yoga. The internal stuff we hear about.

Now years later, through self-study, formal education and much time on the mat, I have a better understanding of the principles, history and philosophy of the practice that support my real life experience. 

It is my deepest intention, to provide the knowledge and quiet space for people to heal, grow and find joy through yoga.