Healing Grief

Recently I had a conversation with my mother regarding grief and how individuals seem to process grief differently. After much thought on this topic, and my mother's wise words, I have this to offer. We all grieve at some point in our lives, the obvious loss of loved ones and pets, but also dreams, performance in our careers, stressful human relationships - dissappointment can come in many ways. 

When disappointment and sadness appear, consider this: 

Consider the idea that each of us has a spirit that is good and capable of handling all that life is throwing at us. A spirit that is loving and compassionate. Our NATURE is loving, good and capable. 

We also have a mind, that is conditioned by our life experiences. Often telling us things that are not helpful or kind. 

When dissappointment and grief arise, it is not the spirit that is in pain or suffering, but the mind, telling the story of what should have been, speaking to us of our shortcomings and speaking to us of the meaning of our loss. 

Our feelings, followed by actions, may stem from the spirit - a place of love and compassion, or from the mind - a place that is often directed toward suffering. 

When feelings of sadness and disappointment arise, try practicing your awareness meditation. See if you can get past the stories that the mind is bringing you and tune in to the more basic, simple spirit of love, kindness, strength and simplicity.