Ed Dust

I heard a beautiful story this morning.

Our 2011 MMY yoga teacher training concludes this coming weekend. We have a tradition of giving graduates imprinted t-shirts upon closing our training. Joe of joestees.com has created our t-shirts for all of our special events. While no doubt, my account was a very small one, I have always been treated with the warmth and respect of an important customer.

Sadly, I learned this morning, that Joe's father passed away unexpectedly earlier this summer. Joe's father, Ed, was a real people person. He seemed to be the company greeter, asking about yoga and seeming to want to know more. In reality, he was just connecting with me, another human, through my interests. He was funny and joyful and made me feel the same.

This morning Joe shared a story told by the minister at his father's service. While Joe's retelling of the story was beautiful, it is simply stated as this:

Think about how, when you open a bag of flour, the flour dust floats up and gets all over everything including you- Ed was like that bag of flour - You couldn't be around him without getting a little "Ed dust" on you.

I have been thinking about this much of today. Throughout the day, we all leave "dust" behind in the form of energy. In our homes with our families as we start the day, at our offices, grocery stores and countless other places we visit in our busy days.

When we are angry, we leave anger, when we are joyful, we leave joy.

What kind of dust are you leaving today?



Thank you, Joe, for allowing me to re-tell this story.