Anxiety, Stress Relief and Yoga

It seems more and more often I am listening to stories about the stress many of you are experiencing in your work and in your daily lives. 

Many of you are experiencing stress over how to honor your work and family commitments, you are caring for aging parents, worrying about your children, concerned about your own health and about the health of those you love. You are concerned about your financial well-being and job security the list seems endless. 

All of this stress creates an unhealthy body and mind and prevents you from fully enjoying your life and the opportunities available to you.....I know, one more thing to worry about, right? 

I am looking forward to sharing Mindful Motion Yoga's current online offering from our at home study program. "Easing Stress and Anxiety" is a 30 day e-mail program that will introduce easy yoga poses (seriously, EASY and rest inducing), meditation techniques (getting rid of that nagging chatter), and subtle breathing techniques (your c0-workers won't even notice). 

There is even a Parent's Corner of the daily e-mails to provide you with tips on how to deliver the same processes to your children to help reduce the stress from academics and competitive sports (teachers will love this as well). 

Daily e-mails begin August 15, 2011 run for 30 consecutive days.

Simply stated, daily tips to lighten your emotional load.
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