Our Intention

Message from Terri, MMY Founder:

Regardless of whether you are a beginner with a curiosity for this thing called yoga or an experienced yogi, my passionate intention for you follows:


Acceptance.  I want to help people find acceptance and know that everything is okay.  This moment is perfect and beautiful.  I want you to experience acceptance in the moment so that you will be able to acknowledge and live your unique inner truth.


I am passionate about providing the tools and space for each person to reach that truth in order to find meaning, purpose and joy.  We must do it for ourselves and once we do, life becomes more powerful and softer at the same time and we become liberated.


I think we can be mean and hateful when we aren't living our truth.  We are resentful and don't know why.  We are working so hard to do things "right" and it feels bad because it is someone else's "right".  And that is just too hard.  I believe that we are all inherently good and loving and when we tap into our truth, the good and loving is what appears.


That is what I am passionate about bringing into the world.  I do this through teaching yoga and mindfulness practices, as well as teaching others to teach yoga and share their own truth. –Namaste,  Terri


Terri Morrison at Mindful Motion Yoga