A Message from Terri


200hr Teacher Training



I am so proud of our graduates of Mindful Motion Yoga Teacher Training Program. I am sure you will agree that we had some great teachers come out of our training.  All of our teachers at Mindful Motion Yoga are graduates of this training.

Many of our trainees come to us in order to become certified to teach yoga, and an equal number come to  the training for personal growth.  If you are considering this training, I encourage you to come in and practice with us.  Take classes from me to get a feel for my philosophy and approach to yoga.  We will be spending a great deal of time together as it is my intention to personally guide you through this process.  My approach to this beautiful practice is simple and compassionate.  My life philosophy is deeply rooted in mindfulness, in being present for each experience as it arrives. 

I respectfully ask that you consider the training schedule and plan to attend each session.  In the past I offered a flexible schedule for students to make up material if conflicts arose.  I found that those who were present for the group experience benefitted so much more than those making up sessions one on one.  Having said that, should you have an emergency, scheduled or unavoidable event, we can arrange for make-up sessions for an additional fee.   

Whether you are considering teacher training to advance your own personal practice or would like to become a certified yoga teacher, you will find additional information at the links above.

Please feel free to set up a time to come in, see the studio and talk with me face to face if you have any unanswered questions about our training and our graduates.