200hr Teacher Training - FAQ


A little about the Mindful Motion Yoga (MMY) Teacher Training Program

Personal approach: I often refer to our yoga as relationship yoga.  I, Terri, lead and participate in the complete training.  We have numerous guest presenters offering their enhanced knowledge throughout the training.  However, I am present for all training sessions and presentations.  If you practice with us, you are aware that I am often in the studio, even when not teaching.  I manage my commitments so that I am available to communicate in person or otherwise as needed.

Eclectic Style: MMY does not endorse any one style of yoga over another. We teach "non-denominational", mindful, hatha yoga. In our style, we embrace all styles of yoga, seeing value in the diversity. We work with aspiring teachers to find their own style, to help them reach their full potential within a single style, or to blend multiple styles into their own yoga. We encourage self expression so that teachers learn to give of themselves rather than just reciting what someone else told them. 

Peer Support: We encourage students to maintain contact with MMY as well as form friendships in the program and to learn to listen to each other, share ideas, and support each other throughout the teacher training program and long after the intensive is over. 

Setting: Our comfortable studio has ample space and a spa-like environment.

Diversity: The MMY Program welcomes people of every faith tradition, race, body type, ethnicity, gender, physical ability or disability, yogic style, and more. In a nonjudgmental, diversified environment, we gain new insight and understanding. Everyone is welcome!

Practice Teaching: Teachers learn to teach yoga by teaching yoga! We create a very safe and respectful environment where students get to teach to their peers allowing you an opportunity to teach in an accepting compassionate environment, and receive loving, gentle, insightful feedback.


What if I don't wish to teach? Students may attend the MMY Program for a variety of reasons: to obtain certification as a yoga teacher, to deepen their personal practice, to get a refresher on skills and knowledge, or to immerse themselves in a yogic environment.


I'm not very flexible....young.....am overweight... etc....Is this teacher training for me?

Yoga is not about being flexible, young or thin. Yoga is beneficial to students of all are ages and sizes with varying degrees of flexibility. You do not have to be flexible, nor do you have to be a lifelong 'yogi' to teach! What is important is having the desire to help others learn to love yoga, heal themselves, and take their lives to new places through the practice of yoga. It is also important that you have the passion to want to continue studying, learning, and growing both personally and as a yoga teacher.


What type of yoga is taught in the Mindful Motion Yoga program?
The MMY Program has a strong alignment focus and is eclectic in the sense that we draw freely from various yoga traditions when teaching asana. We also do not try to make every graduate teach asana in the exact same way. As long as they are teaching safely, we give our students freedom to find their own style. Our focus is to help our teachers to decide who and what and where they want to teach, and then to take the next step towards that vision. Once we know where they want to take their teaching, then we can help them develop their own 'voice'.


I want to teach a vigorous athletic yoga class; will your program teach me how to do that?
The Mindful Motion Yoga Program will give you the skills 'from the ground up' so you can teach a safe, conscientious, well organized/instructed yoga class where the students feel cared about and safe. The skills you learn in our program can be transferred to any style of yoga--rigorous, very gentle, or somewhere in between - as well as other learning environments (personal training, business, home life, schools, etc.)

What if I cannot pay off the entire tuition all at once? Do you have a payment plan?
Friendly payment plans available. All payment forms accepted.