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Our vision at Mindful Motion Yoga is to create a comfortable space and accepting community where students can joyfully learn and explore the practice of yoga. We offer a safe environment representing all that yoga is -- peaceful, joyful, nurturing, spiritual, transformative and unifying.


We provide a variety of classes to help you gain strength, cultivate peace, release tension and build flexibility. Many classes are open level offering beginner modifications for those seeking a slower pace as well as intensifications for the seasoned practitioner, allowing those of differing abilities to grow together. We are a family friendly studio with many offerings to support all members of your family.


Start here if seeking a gentle and therapeutic class.  Focus is on slowly building strength and flexibility as well as cultivating a sense of peace and calmness. Great for all levels. No pretzel poses :-)
This class focuses on an exploration of basic yoga poses and how to connect them through attention to breathing, alignment and mindfulness. Modifications for beginners as well as those advancing the practice will be offered. You will learn techniques to help you gain flexibility, strength, and mindfulness. Beginners encouraged to start here. Open to all levels and abilities.
Moderate temperature, warmed to approx. 75-85 degrees. Our intention is to offer a strong class with opportunities to advance the practice physically, mentally and spiritually. Energetic yet meditative. Class focuses on integrating mindfulness, breath and movement, ends with relaxation. Best for those who have an understanding of our Level 1 Yoga and wish to challenge themselves.

A restful and restorative experience. No experience is needed. Restorative yoga emphasizes the calming of the nervous system and teaches the art of relaxation, which has tremendous mental and physical benefits. A series of rejuvenating and supported poses are taught to promote vitality and create a state of deep relaxation. Melt tension away and leave feeling completely refreshed and fully restored. A great class for all levels of yoga students.

Yin yoga is for anyone who has tension in the body from repetitive movements (running, cycling, swimming), those with an active yoga practice as well as for the desk warriors. (tight hips, and low back, anyone?). 
The Yin practice provides powerful physical and mental benefits as the practitioner works deep in the body and tunes into the physical sensations. The benefits translate to less tension and pain as well as greater athletic agility and endurance as the fascia loosens.Yin yoga is open to all levels of students and is a perfect complement to a yang or more active style of yoga such as Level 1 and Level 2.
This practice is for anyone who prefers yoga seated in a chair. This practice is a safe option for those who may have difficulty transitioning from floor to standing, those with injuries, as well as office workers looking for ways to bring stress reduction into the work day. Focus is on safe alignment and proper engagement of muscles, all with the safety of a chair.
No charge for this class.   Instruction in mindfulness meditation.  Meets most Saturdays.  Please check schedule. 30 Minutes of discussion and meditation practice.  Everyone welcome.