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Laura Heberlie

For Laura, yoga has been a path to healing, for herself and for the people she teaches. Contracting Lyme disease from a tick bite in 2013, brought valuable insight into chronic pain and "brain fog." Laura exchanged insights with chemotherapy patients she was teaching at the time, growing to become a gentler, more compassionate teacher. She is dedicated to alleviating physical and emotional suffering.

In her chair yoga classes, Laura may have a 20-year-old recovering from a car accident alongside a 70-year-old keeping limber. As she moves among students, she uses intuition and gentle touch to guide them toward greater awareness. The movement and breath of yoga, its resulting healing and joy, can open a doorway to enlightenment. Each of us can, Laura believes, find inside ourselves a shift in personal energy that creates space for acceptance and bliss.

'When the mind is pure," Buddha says, "joy follows like a shadow that will never leave."

Laura Heberlie is currently not instructing any classes.