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LIz White

A native Floridian, Liz is also a traveler. She and her husband have hiked the jungles of Costa Rica and backpacked through Europe. Like travel, yoga requires both present-moment awareness and mindful motion. They require intention and purpose as well as acceptance and the willingness to change.

Bringing yoga off the mat and into the world by being fully present enhances Liz’s daily life, and steadies her in her work as a trial attorney. Practicing at Mindful Motion helps her maintain a healthy life-work balance. By teaching, Liz aims to share the benefits she has gained with others.

LIz White instructs the following:
  • Level 2 Yoga
  • Moderate temperature, warmed to approx. 75-85 degrees. Our intention is to offer a strong class with opportunities to advance the practice physically, mentally and spiritually. Energetic yet meditative. Class focuses on integrating mindfulness, breath and movement, ends with relaxation. Best for those who have an understanding of our Level 1 Yoga and wish to challenge themselves.