Molly Ho

Hi, my name is Molly. I grew up with very protective parents. My mom shielded me from direct sunlight and my dad wanted me to be by his side. But my true self was adventurous. I decided to further my education in the States when I was twelve and left my birthplace Hong Kong immediately after college.

A few decades later, after returning to China as a graduate student from the University of Chicago, covering long distances on foot and by train, living in Kyoto in Japan, the West Coast and Mid-West in the States, I now live with my husband and our son in Jacksonville. I love the blue skies and the water of the gulf and the ocean, and the sands that lay the beaches in Florida.

Terri is the one who led me onto the yogic path. I was first attracted to Mindful Motion Yoga Studio because of the word “mindful.” I had taken some yoga classes before and enjoyed doing the poses. Yet, I had never paid attention to the process of going in, holding, and coming out of a pose. Terri’s belief and practice on “acceptance” also relieved my anxiety about lacking in perfection. In addition, I had the good luck of meeting Carolyn Dehlinger, who reminded me that there are bones under muscles.

I graduated from MMY’s teacher training in 2012. The training opened my eyes to the deeper meaning and the history of yoga. I have been able to apply the knowledge I gained from the training to my daily life. On a practical level, I have successfully gone through challenges with a calm mind. On a spiritual level, I have arrived at the realization that I am only one part of “Ishvarapranidhana” (Oneness) and am connected to every being in the universe. With this understanding, I have an offering to you all:

“May the true light in you shine bright and far, warm the hearts of many and lift the spirit of many more. Love and be loved.”

Molly Ho instructs the following:
  • Yin Yoga
  • Yin Yoga.  Slow holds to increase flexibility.  Great for all levels, beginner to the athlete wanting to increase flexibility for greater sports performance.