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Elaine Knopsnyder

Elaine and her husband, Dave, came to Florida from Indiana, moving to Jacksonville 30 years ago. When Elaine retired from the corporate world, back pain put a wrench in her plans to play golf and tennis every day. Seeking relief from the pain, she turned to yoga. Not only did yoga strengthen her back, the practice relieved stress and brought a sense of unimaginable calm.

The day she walked into Mindful Motion Yoga to take her first class, Elaine knew it was the right place for her. She completed the MMY teacher training in 2010 with thoughts of expanding and improving upon her personal practice. With time, she became more and more connected to not only her practice, but with the Mindful Motion community. With the desire to help others, she began teaching. She is honored to teach and guide others so that they, too, can find their paces at MMY.

Elaine travels often to Indiana to visit her large family, as many as 80 or more siblings, nieces, nephews and in-laws gathering. She spends her time attending her husband's music gigs, and hanging out with friends and family. Rescued animals find their ways into Elaine's life, and she currently lives with a cat named Mr. Snuggles.

Elaine Knopsnyder instructs the following:
  • Level 1 Yoga
  • This class focuses on an exploration of basic yoga poses and how to connect them through attention to breathing, alignment and mindfulness. Modifications for beginners as well as those advancing the practice will be offered. You will learn techniques to help you gain flexibility, strength, and mindfulness. Beginners encouraged to start here. Open to all levels and abilities.