Level 1 Yoga

This class is taught by:

Terri Morrison

Terri is the Owner and Director of Mindful Motion Yoga. It is her passion to honor the ancient practice of yoga by offering classes that focus on proper alignment, building strength and flexibility as well as emotional growth. "I believe that yoga can support all aspects of life. I came to yoga for the physical practice and over the years have found so much more. It has helped to ease me through difficult times as well as provided me with endless avenues for continued growth - physically, intellectually and spiritually. I will encourage you to examine your edge both physically and mentally in class. It is my aim to offer yoga as a means to help you explore, learn and grow in the direction of your choosing. Namaste"

Elaine Knopsnyder

Hi, my name is Elaine Knopsnyder. My husband, Dave, and I are originally from Indiana. We moved to Jacksonville 30 years ago to pursue professional careers and “get out of the cold.” We have a son, Kyle, who will soon graduate from law school. I worked in the Corporate World for 28 years as an Information Systems Director at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida. Upon retirement, I had plans to play tennis and golf every day, but developed back pain issues that put a monkey wrench in those plans. I pursued Yoga, because I was told it could help my back and get me back on the courts and links. Within a matter of weeks, I was “Hooked on Yoga”. While Yoga improved my back, it gave me so much more….relieved stress and brought about a calmness that I could never imagine. I wish I had known about Yoga years ago, while dealing with the rat race of the Corporate World. Yoga could have been the answer to those stressful days! Once I realized all the benefits of yoga, I had the desire to spread the word. Therefore, I pursued becoming an instructor at Mindful Motion Yoga. I completed the Mindful Motion Yoga Teacher Training and recently became certified. In addition to Yoga, some of my greatest loves are family, animals, and sports. We travel to Indiana quite often to be with family, a rather large family. I have four sisters, two brothers, (my triplet brothers). Yes, I am the third part of the triplets. With in-laws, nieces, and nephews there are sixty of us. We have great fun at family gatherings. We rescued a dog from the parking lot of Applebee’s Restaurant, and named her, you guessed it, Applebee. We also have a cat that needed a home, named Mr. Snuggles. I enjoy watching all sports, but particularly love the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Sonia Jeup

I decided to explore yoga as a way to relieve pain and tightness that I had developed from years of running, weight training, and various fitness classes. I tried several studios and styles of yoga but struggled to find a place that felt "right". At MMY Terri made me feel comfortable and safe. And of course physically I felt better with each class.

The physical benefits of yoga have been wonderful, but for me the true gift of yoga has been learning to let go of expectations and judgements and practice acceptance- on and off the mat. Yoga has been a blessing in my life, and I am grateful for the opportunity to share this joy with others through teaching. It is my intention for each person to leave my class feeling better mentally and physically each time we practice.

Suitable for those new to yoga as well as those with an established practice. Focus is on learning proper alignment, gaining strength and flexibility as well as cultivating a sense of peace and calmness. Great for all levels. Modifications will be offered to help each student work at the desired pace.